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We recommend that first-time users read the instructions below.
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If you would like to try a class then an individual class pass can be bought for £6.
Please call us on 01902 893900.

Classes can be booked up to 48 hours in advance


Instructions: (click on the title to view details)

1. To log on for the first time Click on Activate Membership
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This will open the Booking Slots. There are a number of different studios in the Club. For example The Main Studio for most classes, or the Spinning Studio for the Group Cycling Classes. Click on whichever area you wish to choose your class from.

This will show you the range of classes in that area for the day.
Click on the time of the Class that you wish to book.

This will open up a new page. Check the details and Confirm or Cancel at the bottom of the page.

A New Page will open thanking you for your booking and giving you the option to book another class. An email will be sent to your address to confirm your booking.

1. Once logged in, Click on Review your Member Profile on the first page.

2. Click on Change your login password.

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1. Once logged-in you can cancel classes from the Manage Your Account On-line page.

Click Review your Member Profile.

Click Future Bookings.

A page will open with your Current Bookings. You can cancel a class from here.

Whilst we do not yet have the ability to have a cut off time for cancellations, it will soon exist. In the meantime please respect the fact that if you do not cancel you will be taking the place of another member. Likewise if you leave it very late to cancel a booking this does not give us time to contact a member on a reserve list. We shall be monitoring timings of cancellations and should you cancel later than 3 hours previous to the class start time after 3 occasions you will be charged £6. You will in effect be charged £2 for each cancellation. (Classes normally cost 6 for one)