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Monday 3rd December
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Overview of our memberships costs, please review before joining:

Active4less represents the best value membership in the country. Our monthly membership allows full use of all our facilities throughout our opening times. We have only full peak memberships with no hidden extras, no extra charges for classes, no hidden contracts prices, just one great price with absolutely no catches!
Please review the prices below then click the “Join Now” link to sign up.

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Joining Fee
Everyone pays a joining fee of £25

Monthly Fee
Adults will pay a monthly fee of £14.95
Juniors (13-16 years old) will pay a monthly fee £12.95

Club Enhancement Fee
Once a year on 1st October, everyone pays a club enhancement fee of £17. Your direct debit will increase for this one month and then revert to you normal monthly fee. This is invested yearly into club improvements.

Membership referrals
Once you have joined you can lower your monthly fee by referring your friends and family. You will receive £2 off your regular monthly fee for every adult you refer. There is no limit to how many people you can refer, or how low your membership rate can go.

What if I need to freeze my membership?
No problem, we want our memberships to be totally flexible. You can freeze your monthly membership for only £5 per month. This will save you having to pay another joining fee if you leave and rejoin and you will retain any member referral discounts you may have earned.

What if I want to cancel my membership?
We have no membership contracts. If you want to cancel simply give us 30 days notice by a signed letter handed in or posted to the club. If you decide to rejoin you will have to pay another joining fee.

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