David Froggett - Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

David Froggett - Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

What inspires you?

As I am into training with weights, seeing other people getting bigger and stronger inspires me to train harder. Also watching other personal trainers working inspires me to try and improve my skills and eventually be as good a trainer as them.

What do you do at active4less?

I do general gym work from looking after reception to teaching classes. As well as cleaning and tidying ect.

What makes you smile?

Having a good training session always feels satisfying. Arsenal playing the most stylish football in the premier league also makes me smile. And good music.

What is your favourite holiday place?

Anywhere thatís warmer than England will do.

What is your favourite food?

I like vegetables and all things healthy.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Big sleep, good training session then chilling with a few mates.

What are your favourite 3 songs?

My top 3 favourite songs are as follows. As I lay dying: 94 hours. Parkway drive: Horizons, and Caspa n rusko: Africa.

What are your favourite 3 movies?

I donít really watch films but my top three are probably: Lock stock, Gladiator and pulp fiction.

Favourite books?

I donít read books.

What is your favourite type of exercise?

My favourite type of exercise is definitely heavy weight training. Mainly because it's good to see yourself getting bigger and stronger.

What are your pet hates?

I hate it when people grunt really loudly when there weight training. Also when people munch there food really loundly.

How do you motivate yourself?

Weight training is my biggest motivation, when you lift a bit more each session and get a bit bigger each week that is what motivates me.

Classes: Club Induction, Junior Weights Induction, Kettlebell Training, Spin Flex, Studio Spin

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