Richard Cowell - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

Richard Cowell - Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor

What inspires you?

My children inspire me and keep me striving to achieve more.
My colleagues inspire me, there is always so much more to learn and share with others around you.

What do you do at Active4Less?

I teach a variety of studio based exercise classes, Step, Aerobics, Pilates and Circuits. I also help co-ordinate the studio and assist with the day to day running of the club, whether that is sweeping the floor, answering the phone or advising members.
Part of my Personal Training business is run from the club.

What makes you smile?

Seeing my children grow and make a success of their lives.
Watching my clients achieve their goals.
Hearing the words “what would you like to drink?”

What is your favourite holiday place?

Cornwall. Especially Newquay.
New Zealand. I was fortunate enough to have a holiday there in the South Island and would love to go back and explore the rest, on motor bike of course.

What is your favourite food?

All food! Especially breakfast. I love getting up and eating that first meal of the day.
I am also very partial to an Indian and a couple of Kingfishers!

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Waking up to see the sun is shining. Getting my motorbike out of the garage and going for a long ride to the coast. Preferably, Southwold.

What are your favourite 3 songs?

Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing
Faithless - Insomnia
Ben E King - Stand By Me

What are your favourite 3 movies?

Pulp Fiction
The Bridges Of Madison County
Mad Max

Favourite books?

It’s Not About The Bike-Lance Armstrong
Sophie’s Choice
Anything by Steven King

What is your favourite type of exercise?

I still love Aerobics and Step. I can think of nothing better than going to another teachers class to chill out.
Cross training, Loved it 17 years ago and still enjoy it today!!

What are your pet hates?

People who don’t clear up after their dogs, especially if it’s where I happen to be running!!

How do you motivate yourself?

By getting out of bed every morning what a waste of time bed is!!

Classes: Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Circuits, Pilates, Step

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